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Like with all things, the directory must be protected by rules and guidelines to make sure everybody on it is happy and safe. Please read the following rules and guidelines because they are after all, for your benefit. Circumstances where the administrator finds out about serious misconduct and abuse, the perpetrators will be removed from this directory.

  1. You need to understand that when you provide us with your email address, you are agreeing to allow anybody that views your details to contact you. This isn't that much of a big deal, since if you have a site, anybody can get to it and get your email address from there. But you have been warned, so if you're not up to the idea of having strange people email you, withhold your email address when submitting.

  2. When contacting people who are listed on this directory, always be polite and respectful. Just because you may not see people face to face when emailing, this doesn't give you the right to treat people indecently. Everybody deserves a little respect, so show some integrity and don't be rude to people you contact!

  3. Do not abuse, harass or annoy people when emailing them. If the administrator finds out that somebody, whether they be listed on the directory or not, is abusing other people, their email provider(i.e Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, etc) will be contacted, and be notified that one of their members is harassing people through email. We do not tolerate abuse of any form, and neither would your email provider. If a member on this directory has been found of harassing other members, they will be taken off the directory. In extreme cases, a page may be created warning other LJS fans of these particular people's attitude and behaviour.

  4. Do not steal information that does not belong to you. Stealing someone's identity, through their information and telling other people that this information is yours is a crime. This may sound crazy, but there really are people who go around, thinking that it is okay for them to take other people's photographs or names or other bits of information and use this for their own benefit. If such a case occurs, the victims will be encouraged to seek legal action.