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Series (multiple ratings)
Series: Gabriel/Rob
Rob helps heal Gabriel. By foggynite. Gabriel/Rob. Complete. 4 fics.
Series: Mac/Renny
Jackal Mac and Renny are bound together. By Elektra Pendragon. Jackal Mac/Renny. Ongoing. 3 fics.
Series: Redux
Another body, another chance... By LindaMarie. Damon/Elena/Stefan. Ongoing. 13 fics.

For ljs100 'alien' challenge. By idolatrie. Elena/Matt/Stefan. Complete.
"When she moves, Blaise wants, desperately, to follow." By LaBelleMonteuse. Blaise/OC. Complete.
Everything's different, when you're young. By LindaMarie. Damon/Stefan. Complete.
But now I'm all wrong!
Jenny brings Julian back, but certain complications arise. By Sally. Jenny/Other. Complete.
Call Me Jennifer
Matt and Stefan watch a little too much TV, and Stefan gives his friend a lesson in Italian. By Elektra Pendragon. Matt/Stefan. Complete.
Conversations on a Beach
Deborah's in a bad mood, and Diana finds her. They talk. By Janet. Deborah/Diana, Deborah/Suzan, Diana/Faye. Complete.
Matt and Stefan raid the fridge. By Red. Matt/Stefan. Complete.
Dee and Jenny. A confession at an unexpected moment. By LindaMarie. Dee/Jenny. Complete.
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Matt surprises Damon with a gift. By diva311. Damon/Matt. Complete.
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Matt shares the holiday season with Stefan. By Red. Matt/Stefan. Complete.
In A Rough Embrace
A vignette on love, hate and the Salvatores. By idolatrie. Damon/Stefan. Complete.
Deirdre reflects on her "relationship" with Jenny. By Elisabeth Carrey. Dee/Jenny. Complete.
Parabole: Greek; a placing side by side. By foggynite. Nissa/Winnie. Complete.
Ready, Aim, Fire
Dee expresses her displeasure with minor arson. By Elisabeth Carrey. Dee/Jenny. Complete.
Blaise didn't want to share. By Red. Blaise/Thea. Complete.
Sleeping Beauty
Stefan can always find a home in Matt, but how long can he keep his mortal lover by his side? By Elektra Pendragon. Matt/Stefan. Complete.
The Things You Miss
A wedding brings up old memories for Matt... And an unexpected confession. By Rhiannon. Matt/Stefan. Complete.
Neighbours gossip. Witchy neighbours are no different. By Pithia. Cassie/Faye. Complete.

A Honeymoon, in Three Acts
Matt and Stefan have taken the plunge. By LindaMarie. Matt/Stefan. Complete.
A Moonlight Ride
Deborah goes for a ride on her bike and runs into Cassie. By Moreta. Cassie/Deborah. Complete.
A Reflection on Temptation
Stefan reflects on the nature of temptation while in the locker room with Matt. By Charles. Matt/Stefan. Complete.
An Informed Decision
Ash and James meet at Vegas's flashiest new hotspot to discuss a potentially life-changing decision. By Christina. Ash/James. Complete.
"The beginning of a relationship is always a delicate moment." By Finta. Matt/Stefan. Complete.
Set the spring before Book I. Adam's unhappy, Nick's unhappy, and Camelot doesn't exist. By Angela Griffen. Adam/Nick. Complete.
Cleansing the Soul
Deborah muses while in the bath. By Elisabeth Carrey. Deborah/Suzan. Complete.
Bri and Frost take a bath. By LindaMarie. Bri/Frost. Complete.
Stefan worries too much about his fragile human lover. By Elektra Pendragon. Matt/Stefan. Complete.
Everyone Else's Girl
When the world changes around you, do you change, too? By foggynite. Blaise/Iliana. Complete.
Girl Talk
Elena and Bonnie have an...interesting conversation. By LindaMarie. Damon. Complete.
Good Morning
Ash wakes up Quinn. By Lisa. Ash/Quinn. Complete.
Stefan's stuck in the well. By LindaMarie. Damon/Stefan. Complete.
Left Unspoken
There's one thing Kori never told her brothers. By LindaMarie. Chris/Doug/Kori. Complete.
"One for a curse, two for a joy"
"She knew what happened to the fools who hesitated, but she did it anyway." By Pithia. Damon/Stefan, Damon/Elena/Stefan. Complete.
"They're more like the Lost Boys in Peter Pan." By LindaMarie. Chris/Doug/Kori. Complete.
Faye tries to help Diana get over Adam. By Janet. Diana/Faye. Complete.
Silver's Week
Silverflame makes people happy. Or that's what he thinks.... By BlackSun. Damon/OC, Stefan/OC, OC/OC. Complete.
Sole Survivor
Damon recalls the one he let go. Crossover with Star Wars. By LindaMarie. Damon/Other. Complete.
Spiced Wine
Cassie muses on the mystery of Faye. By Red. Cassie/Faye. Complete.
They Only Come Out at Night
Damon and Oz find they have a certain kinship. Crossover with Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. By LindaMarie. Damon/Oz. Complete.
Trick or Treat?
When Halloween pranks turn riskee... By Rena Baldinelli. Ash/Quinn. Complete.
Frost's visits to Gabriel's room may not be what they seem. By Pithia. Frost/Kaitlyn. Complete.

A Stranger Fate
Since I am now convinced that SF is NEVER coming out I've decided to write my spin on what takes place in the novel. By Rena Baldinelli. Blade/Kierlan. Complete.
Bonnie's Dream
Bonnie and her weird dreams I s'pose. By Rena Baldinelli. No pairing. Complete.
After Gabriel's mental attack, Kaitlyn sets out on her own. All seems to be going well. By Emma Love. Kaitlyn/OC. Complete.
Candyland. Chocolate Sauce. Hemoglobin.
Damon & Matt play a board game. Damon & Matt make chocolate sauce. Damon & Matt engage in some very strange activities. By Ash Kennedy. Damon/Matt. Complete.
A gauntlet thrown, a choice to be made.... Deborah/Suzan. By Quartz Shard. Complete.
Fine Irony
Damon and Frost have a little chat... Crossover with Blade. By Ash Kennedy. Damon/Frost. Complete.
Fire and Ice
It's the 1920s: the age of fast girls and hard liquor. All Elisabeth knew was that the speakeasy was spooky and was too concerned with her growing attraction to her friend Amanda to notice that tonight was the night that would change and end her life forever. By Quartz Shard. OC/OC. Complete.
Frozen Illusion
Cassie reflects on her true feelings for Diana. By Crystal. Cassie/Diana. Complete.
Gutter Glitter
Love and Seduction in the Night World with a twist. A male stripper falls for a Vegas Show Girl with a secret... namely she's a he. By Rena Baldinelli. OC/OC. Unfinished.
Isn't it Ironic
Iliana muses over love, irony, and the end of the world. By Sobia. Iliana/Keller. Complete.
Makes Me Disappear
Cassie and Adam are having a baby. There are a few complications. Namely post-partum depression, food cravings and a cheating husband. By Quartz Shard. Deborah/Suzan. Complete.
Mistakes and Consequences
Andrew Haux is a dangerous person, especially so for Kyle. Will Kyle be able to survive their encounter this time? By Vicci. OC/OC. Complete.
A tale of David and Leaf - soulmates. By M. Faye. OC/OC. Unfinished.
Smoking Gun
Quinn hates Ash smoking. By Mel. Ash/Quinn. Complete.
Three's a Crowd (or) There's Always Room for One More
Julian and Jenny are together. But someone else wants Julian, and Jenny gets jealous. By Red. Jenny/Julian/Zach. Complete.
Twilight Sentinel
The story of the fourth Wild Power. What if she'd been involved in finding the other three? She wants to save the world, but her soulmate, a witch from Circle Midnight, may have other ideas.... By Andrew. OC/OC. Complete.

After the Fury
After the events in the crypt, Damon is more weak than he had let on, and Stefan keeps his promise to take care of him. By Elektra Pendragon. Damon/Stefan. Complete.
"Her body is not so white as / anemony petals nor so smooth -- nor / so remote a thing." By LindaMarie. Elena/Katherine. Complete.
Blood of Tin
Kailiane is having nightmares of herself being tortured and murdered, along with a young man who claims he's her soulmate. By Crystal. OC/OC. Complete.
"I dream about fire..." By LindaMarie. Diana/Faye. Complete.
Tom ponders his attraction to one of the cousins. By Elektra Pendragon. Tom/Zach. Complete.
In Blind Pursuit
The nomadic vampire hunters, Sean & Nick, link Damon Salvatore to a chain of vicious acts and track him down, only to find he's not like any bloodsucker they've ever dealt with before. Crossover with The Forsaken. By Ash Kennedy. Damon/Nick/Sean. Unfinished.
Masturbation Drabble 1
Stefan walks in on Damon. By Elektra Pendragon. Damon/Stefan. Complete.
Masturbation Drabble 2
Cadal doesn't want Aric to play without him. By Elektra Pendragon. Aric/Cadal. Complete.
Masturbation Drabble 3
Lewis shares some energy with Gabriel. By Elektra Pendragon. Gabriel/Lewis. Complete.
Masturbation Drabble 4
Julian makes Tom feel uncomfortable during the events of FG. By Elektra Pendragon. Julian/Tom. Complete.
Of Human Bondage
Written for the 'firsts' challenge on the ttales forum. By idolatrie. Damon/Stefan. Complete.
Caroline thinks over what she wrote about Meredith. By Mary Borsellino. Caroline/Elena, Caroline/Meredith. Complete.
Power of Dew She Has Over Thee
Deborah waits for Suzan to show for their date and does some remembering. By Quartz Shard. Deborah/Suzan. Complete.
Scars Remain
An epilogue of sorts, in which Stefan endures the aftermath of his torture at Klaus's hands. Sequel to For You I Bleed. By Ash Kennedy. Klaus/Stefan. Complete.
So Much Sweeter
Damon and Matt play a blood game. By Caitlin. Damon/Matt. Complete.
The Change
Things have changed a lot for the Vampire Diaries/Secret Circle gang. By LindaMarie. Laurel/Melanie. Unfinished.
The Highway is for Gamblers
A roadtrip they'll never forget. By idolatrie. Bonnie/Matt/Meredith. Complete.
The Knife
Dee promised to protect Jenny. She'll keep that promise. By Janet. Dee/Jenny. Complete.
For LM's first lines meme. By idolatrie. Bonnie/Elena/Meredith. Complete.
Truth Through Head Trauma
Damon's tired of waiting. By Janet. Damon/Elena/Stefan. Complete.
Welcome to Squeezebox
Damon takes Stefan to the legendary gay-oriented club 'Squeezebox' for a night of first time experiences. By Ash Kennedy. Damon/Stefan/OC. Complete.
Wild Nights
Mutual need and discovery. By LindaMarie. Janie/Morgana. Complete.
Perhaps a dream; perhaps not. By Heather C. Matt/Stefan. Complete.

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Strange that she had bought a ticket to Florida and ended up in Chicago. Deborah/Suzan. By Quartz Shard. Complete.
Stefan turns up on Damon's doorstep, seeking his help. By River. Damon/Stefan, Damon/Stefan/Other. Complete.
While fixing Damon's laptop, Adam Tate finds out some well kept secrets about the older Salvatore that parallels his own feelings all too well. Based on Red's The Crow and the Falcon. By Ash Kennedy. Damon/OC. Complete.
Chocolate-Covered Damon
Julian and Damon play a strange game involving chocolate. By Elektra Pendragon. Damon/Julian. Complete.
Count to Six and Die
Shaina and Caresse are two Night People who couldn't be more different. The only thing they have in common is they both hate their life. By Crystal. OC/OC. Complete.
An AU rewrite of VD1, chapter fifteen. Stefan faces off against Damon in the forest after the events at the Haunted House. By Elektra Pendragon. Damon/Stefan. Complete.
For You I Bleed
Klaus takes Stefan Salvatore as his captive and proceeds to make him his personal plaything. By Ash Kennedy. Klaus/Stefan. Complete.
Girl's Get Together
Elena hasn't seen her friends. She invites them to her house in Italy with Stefan and his brother shows up. By Kandy Neshe. Bonnie/Damon/Elena/Meredith/Stefan. Complete.
He'll Never Know
Elena has strange dreams about Stefan's past. When she confronts him she learns one of his deepest secrets. By Seastar. Stefan/OC. Complete.
Jelly head
Ash and Quinn spend some time together. By Quartz Shard. Ash/Quinn. Complete.
Maybe One Day You'll Want To Remember
Faye and Diana resolve two problems, Diana's desire to not have a soul mate-and Faye's desire to be Diana's first sexual experience, in one spell. By Quartz Shard. Diana/Faye. Complete.
Midnight in Heat
What Damon has figured to be a mere open and shut case soon turns into a complicated web of danger, hidden truths, and lust for both Matt and a mysterious young woman by the name of Alazuria. By Ash Kennedy. Damon/Matt, Damon/OC. Complete.
Midnight in Heat: Snowblind (an interlude)
10 years after the events of Midnight in Heat, Damon Salvatore and Matt Honeycutt attend a theatrical production in the upstate town of New Paltz, New York. By Ash Kennedy. Damon/Matt. Complete.
Midnight in Heat 2: Blood Puppets on Delicate Strings
Back in New York on the last leg of Alazuria's epic journey, Damon finds himself reuniting with a vastly matured Colina Mackinnon. As their journey ends a young and powerful vampire befriends Damon and falls in love with Alazuria, but Matt is wary of him and tries to convince Damon that his intentions are less then friendly. By Ash Kennedy. Damon/Matt. Unfinished.
Julian plays with his prey. By Red. Julian/Zach. Complete.
Once Bitten
Matt is stuck on an image. Set during Book IV. By Angela Griffen. Damon/Matt. Complete.
Spider's Web
The Vampire Diaries meets Night world, meets Sonja Blue's world. A darkened, hyped up and electrified view of what really goes on in the Night World, and how the true beast isn't defined by fangs or magical powers. By Reylan (Michele). Damon/Stefan, Damon/Elena/Stefan. Unfinished.
The Unmasking
Damon invites Stefan to his Masquerade party where they are forced to reflect upon their relationship. By Ash Kennedy. Damon/Stefan. Complete.
An argument over sleeping arrangements turns into something more intimate for the Salvatore brothers. By Elektra Pendragon. Damon/Stefan. Complete.
The sequel to Belladonna. By River. Bonnie/Damon/Stefan, Damon/Stefan, Damon/Stefan/Other, Damon/OC, OC/OC. Complete.
Why Did I Want You There?
Suzan talks about when she started to question her sexuality. By Quartz Shard. Deborah/Suzan. Complete.

Darkness falls as the Night World prepares for its final battle and a Dragon is woken from the depths of his slumber to destroy human kind. Crossover with The Lord of the Rings actors. By Mel. Dominic/Karl, Elijah/Billy, Dominic/Orlando. Unfinished.
Barbed Wire
Damon and Stefan play dominance/submission games. By Elektra Pendragon. Damon/Stefan. Complete.
Carnivale De Il Gato Sacro
a weird little fic about Damon Salvatore and Matt Honeycutt going to a supernatural Hawaiian celebration to have a some m/m fun. By Ash Kennedy. Damon/Matt. Unfinished.
Inertia Creeps
Damon and Stefan go hunting in a club, and find something interesting to play with. By Elektra Pendragon. Damon/Stefan, Jackal Mac/Stefan. Complete.
Madhouse Cell 01
Written for the ljsx candle challenge. By idolatrie. Damon/Stefan. Complete.
Dee and Jenny explore a new element in their relationship. By LindaMarie. Dee/Jenny. Complete.
my porno queen
What if Elena died in the car crash with her parents? By idolatrie. Caroline/Katherine. Complete.
outer space
Alaric has a night-time visitor. By LindaMarie. Alaric/Damon. Complete.
Pater Familias
Delos has daddy issues, and Hunter wants to be everyone's father. By LindaMarie. Delos/Hunter. Complete.
Lone, small comfort in a brief sphere of sanity. By LindaMarie. Gabriel/Renny. Complete.
After Klaus is taken away, Tyler returns to his only friend to lick his wounds and end his hunger. By Elektra Pendragon. Dick/Tyler. Complete.
There are moments that are eternal, that even though small, change everything. By LindaMarie. Elena/Matt/Stefan. Complete.
It's morning at the Zetes Institute, and Kaitlyn's using up the hot water. Bri doesn't like that one bit. By Christina. Bri/Kaitlyn. Complete.
Summer Afternoon
Stefan and Matt spend a hot summer afternoon together. By Elektra Pendragon. Matt/Stefan. Complete.
The Feast of St. Joseph
During spring break at college, Matt gets a surprising invitation. By LindaMarie. Damon/Matt. Complete.
Cadal catches Aric masturbating without his permission, and isn't happy about it. By Elektra Pendragon. Aric/Cadal. Complete.
Adam Tate is on a mission to confront Damon about the events that transpired between them, finding acceptance and support from the least likely of people in the process. Based on Red's The Crow and the Falcon and sequel to Checkmate. By Ash Kennedy. Damon/OC. Incomplete.
"The dark was too enticing for the day. Two sides of the same coin." Late night encounters. By Jenni. Diana/Faye. Complete.