desires unveiled: ljs slash archive

Desires Unveiled is an archive of slash fanfiction for the novels of L. J. Smith (i.e. The Vampire Diaries, Night World, etc.).

By our definition, "slash" is fanfiction containing same-sex (or otherwise non-hetero) pairings. This includes both canon (from the books) and non-canon (made up by the fic author) characters.

Herein you will find all manner of fics: m/m, f/f, polyamory, drama, humor, angst...short and epic. The archive is ever-growing as well, and if you've written any LJS slash, please be generous and contribute it.

Warning: This site contains material that varies in ratings from PG to NC-17. All adult-rated content is clearly labeled as such. Please watch the ratings so that you're not surprised by any content that might show up in a story. By clicking on any link here, you agree that you take full responsibility for viewing whatever it leads you to.

The archive currently houses: 148 stories and 38 authors.

June 9th 2007:
This website, for the most part, is no longer updated. It will be kept up as a resource, and hopefully in the future, will be reopened with new content. For the time being it shall be classified as on hiatus.

Number of stories based on each series:
The Night of the Solstice/Heart of Valor: 3
The Vampire Diaries: 77
The Secret Circle: 20
The Forbidden Game: 11
Dark Visions: 14
Night World: 25
Crossovers: 9