Fandom FAQ

Newbie to the fandom? Or just a little lost, this is the place for you. Oldie to the fandom? Have a site and get regular questions, then this is the place to direct your visitors to. The staff at the Toolbox have compiled a list of regular questions in the hopes of giving a bit of direction in this crazy fandom!

If you have a question (either that you are asked often, or are wondering) please email , , , or .

When is the next book coming out?
Only L.J. Smith knows. The first tentative date for Strange Fate was spring 1998, it has since been pushed back many times, but we understand as L.J. Smith has been through quite a bit of personal troubles in her life. All you can do is patiently sit and wait for Strange Fate and continually support LJS and the online community.
The best place to go to get the latest news is the NW:CD, Strange Fate news page. They get the latest news, so thats the first place it will be publicised.
Who is LJS and how can I talk to her?
There is actually little known about LJS apart from what you read on the books. She has not been actively involved in the fandom at all.
You can contact her here:
L. J. Smith
c/o Archway Books
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020
United States of America
Where is everyone?
Many of the e-groups are dead, and others are full of so many people that it is tough to get a good conversation going. However, don't let this discourage you from joining them, there is a small list of e-groups on this site, plus there are forums and other projects up and running, a project for community revival, If you do want to find other LJS fans you might want to try Circle Initiation, a LJS Fan Directory.
This place is overrun by young people!
Well admittedly LJS' books are for young adults. It can't be helped, but there is nothing wrong with that. We are all a part of the community.
Are LJS's books based on real people/things/situations?
LJS has used a lot of common myth (about witches, vampires etc) and twisted it to her own way of writing characters. Some of the places and areas in the books are real, but a lot is her own imagination!
Why do people spell Stefan, Stephen?
We are as confused as you are. Its spelt Stefan.
Eugh! Everyone is old!
Yeah but eventually you'll get older and a lot of us have been around since LJS first published The Vampire Diaries in 1991 and even earlier in 1987 when Night of the Solstice and Heart of Valor were published. You can't think that only your generation of LJS fans are the only ones out there. We've been here and we've seen a lot and we've waited faithfully for LJS' last book, Strange Fate. But no matter we are are still a part of the online community of LJS' fans.
Are there any fanlistings?
Yes there are fanlistings. You can visit Yggdrasil to see the listing of all the LJS-related fanlistings.
How do I tell people about my LJS site?
You can join a webring such, enter your site into a topsites ranking system like LJS Top Sites. You can also add your link to the largest LJS link directory, LJS Directory. Another way to add exposure to your site would be to join link exchanges like the LJSmith Button Exchange or just get out there and sign guestbooks and tell the community that you are here.