Media: Sims Skins

Instructions on downloading and using Sims skins: These skins come in .ZIP files, so you'll need a program like WinZip or Stuffit Expander to open them once you've got them. If you don't know how to extract files from ZIP archives, please see your program's help and how to pages on the subject.

Once you've downloaded a skin file, extract the files in it to C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims\GameData\Skins or, for advanced users, wherever you put your other skins. You must to install both files of each mesh: .cmx and .skn. If you aren't sure which files you need or don't need, extract them all into your skins folder or look up some Sims FAQs, there are plenty on the internet.

If you experience a problem with any skin file downloaded from here, please direct your questions to the skin's creator; they usually provide contact addresses in the readme files included in the ZIPs. If there's an actual problem with the skin, they'll let us know when you tell them, and if it's something going wrong for only you, they'll help you fix it.

Skins by Isis:
Many more coming soon!! Keep an eye out. The previews don't do these skins justice!!!!, so try them out in the game to see their real coolness.
Necessary credits from Isis -
The Poses in the previews screenshots are from Sim Skins.
The original hands used were from Mermaid Cove.

The Vampire Diaries Skins
Currently available: Bonnie (Casual/Formal), Caroline (Casual/Formal), Damon (Casual/Formal/Long Hair/Short Hair), Elena (Casual/Formal/Halloween/Dream), Katherine (Renaissance), Meredith (Casual/Formal), Stefan (Casual/Formal), Tyler (Casual/Werewolf)
Last Update: October 27, 2005

The Secret Circle
Currently available: Adam (Halloween), Cassie (Halloween), Deb (Biker/Formal/Casual/Halloween), Diana (Formal/Halloween), Faye (Casual/Formal/Halloween), Laurel (Halloween), Melanie (Halloween), Nick (Halloween), Sean (Halloween), Suzan (Halloween)
Last Update: October 27, 2005

The Nightworld
Currently available: Ash (Casual/Formal), Blaise (Formal/Head), James (Casual/Formal), Keller (Casual/Formal/Half-Panther), Poppy (Casual/Formal), Rashel (Casual/Formal)
Last Update: September 13, 2005