Blood Bars are for Nightclubs : A very important part of making your website is deciding on a concept and/or theme and then gathering/making layout items that fit your theme.

Mary-Sue-ism : ...we are over-run by Mary Sue's they are the perfect men/women of our fan fiction, they are so sexy they make Damon Salvatore and Ash Redfern look like the Nerds. It is depressing to see.

Right Click is Your Friend Not Your Enemy : Do you get annoyed when you right click to check a site's code or are clicking on a link that you want opened in a new window, and that annoying window pops up saying 'No stealers' 'No right clicking allowed' or 'The night has a thousand eyes', etc?

SPAM, the by-product of everything : Did you know that Hawaii consumes the most SPAM than anywhere else in the world? Did you know that spam is one of the most annoying things to find in your inbox?

Character Analysis and Description : ...most of the time they just title these things descriptions and although that's not technically incorrect, it can be misleading.

MIDI Files and Why They're a Bad Idea : ...the goal of this tutorial isn't to make you feel *bad* but to explain *why* MIDIs are just not a good idea.

Direct-Linking And You : owners do not take kindly to bandwidth/direct linkers, they will find your site and contact your ISP and your website's host and more than likely if you are found to be in the wrong your site will be deleted without your consent.