Character Analysis and Description

written by - March 19, 2003

I can't tell you how many times I've run across an LJS site, seen a link to a "character analysis" and clicked only to be told that Kaitlyn Fairchild had red hair and a psychic power. It didn't talk about who Kaitlyn was or why. It didn't discuss her relationships with other characters. It didn't do anything, and it certainly didn't analyze. I admit that most of the time they just title these things descriptions and although that's not technically incorrect, it can be misleading. If it's a physical description, say that. And if it is a physical description, then wonder why you're putting it up anyway when there are already a dozen of those available on the net. Redundant information is not bad when it has a purpose. For instance, a summary of the plot can be used to refresh someone's memory and if that's what you think your five line description of a characters eyes and build does, then say so and maybe try putting it together with some other descriptions so that you! Don't dedicate a full page to it. Better yet, try to refrain from using them at all. Mostly they're just fillers. When you have something important to say it'll probably take more than two minutes to write it, and more than two seconds for it to be read. Then you can post it on the site and it'll be a service but please, please don't think you're such a cool webmaster/mistress because you've said that Ash's eyes change color.