written by Adia

After hanging around the LJS community for less than a year it has become apparent that we are over-run by Mary Sue's they are the perfect men/women of our fan fiction, they are so sexy they make Damon Salvatore and Ash Redfern look like the Nerds. It is depressing to see.

You know the characters, you have read about them, they are everywhere. For more information about Mary-Sues go here. They aren't all bad things, but you (in my opinion) need to hide them better. Make a fic original, give it some damn thought before naming a character Redfern, Harman, or Jenny's long lost but just found cousin.

I know more people find this annoying than me, and it's been said before...but golly-gosh it makes me roll my eyes and feel like vomiting when I read some of the stuff I see today...

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