Right Click is Your Friend Not Your Enemy

written by Lee

Are you an obsessive code checker like myself? Do you get annoyed when you right click to check a site's code or are clicking on a link that you want opened in a new window, and that annoying window pops up saying 'No stealers' 'No right clicking allowed' or 'The night has a thousand eyes', etc? If you said yes to either of these then read on. If you said no, then please read on.

Now you may think that the no right click script is the neatest thing ever considering it stops people from stealing your code and images, or does it? What stops a person from just going and viewing your page's source by using the View menu in the browser? The only purpose that the no-right click script serves is to annoy those of us who surf the internet looking at websites.

Admittedly I used to use the script but that was back when I was just a beginner (not saying that I am an expert now), but even then I was annoyed at the script. I wanted to be able to right click on my sites. If you are really afraid of visitors stealing your images then watermark them or put a small copyright on the image in the corner or somewhere visible but not obscuring the view of the image. If you are afraid of your code being stolen, then I hate to say it, but it happens to everyone, it doesn't matter how high in rank you think you are in the online world. Everyone has had their code stolen. You just have to accept it and move on to bigger and better things. Eventually, you'll find that you are helping out the newbie's, by learning from your code they are making themselves into better webmasters/mistresses.