LJSanta Welcome to LJSanta, an L. J. Smith Secret Santa fanfic project.

The below people signed up and then didn't write their assignments. Someone wrote a story for each of them, and they gave nothing back. As a result, they will not be allowed to participate in future years of LJSanta.

Below are the entries for 2004, complete with author information. If you were a participant, please be sure to thank the person who wrote for you. And, of course, please give feedback to everyone else whose stories you liked.

A Moonlight Ride
By Moreta. For Kit. Deborah goes for a ride on her bike and runs into Cassie. PG-13.
A Present For Poppy
By Silvia. For Caitlin. Poppy's feeling down because she can't see her family for Christmas. Can James cheer her up? PG.
After the Beep
By idolatrie. For an LJSanta deadbeat. "I can admit my answering machine stands in as a pretty good metaphor for my life." Meredith POV. R.
All fun and games, until someone loses an eye.
By Chloe. For Ellie101. Jenny has a cunning plan to lure and defeat Julian, but how can you trick someone who sees everything you do? R.
An Informed Decision
By Christina. For Cathyrn. Ash and James meet at Vegas's flashiest new hotspot to discuss a potentially life-changing decision. PG-13.
Blood Letting
By Ellie101. For idolatrie. Katherine's descent into the dark. PG-13.
Childlike Innocence
By Caitlin. For Pandie. A more detailed look at Poppy and James' first meeting. PG.
Crazy World
By Nikki. For Silvia. She's born human, raised by wolves. PG.
By Liz (Seastar). For an LJSanta deadbeat. Quinn reflects on his past, and how his relationship with Rashel has changed him. R.
By LindaMarie. For Finta. Elena dreams. NC-17.
For the Asking
By Heather C. For Baloo. An AU scenario, assuming Elena chose Damon instead of Stefan, and that she remained a vampire. R.
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
By Red. For Liz (Seastar). Matt shares the holiday season with Stefan. PG.
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
By diva311. For Rhiannon. Matt surprises Damon with a gift. PG.
Joining Circle Daybreak
By Finta. For Chloe. Quinn and Rashel want to join Circle Daybreak, but Circle Daybreak isn't sure about them. After a while, Quinn isn't even sure about himself. PG-13.
Kiss Her Once For Me
By Vedesca. For Heather C. An old friend visits Stefan and Elena on the fourth anniversary of the day Elena died with distinct intentions. PG.
Love of life and death.
By Kit. For Elwyn Celtic. Stefan thinks about his life and everything Elena means to him. PG-13.
By Elisabeth. For LindaMarie. Deirdre reflects on her "relationship" with Jenny. PG.
By Janet. For diva311. Zach invites Dee to his art show. PG
By Trace T. For Jenni. An unfortunate event occurs and now Jez needs Morgead more than ever. PG-13.
Spiced Wine
By Red. For an LJSanta deadbeat. Cassie muses on the mystery of Faye. PG-13.
Sugar Rush Bonnie
By Pandie. For Elisabeth. Bonnie has a secret alter ego. But is it real? Or something else making her think that? And why does an evil genius want to force the world to eat carob? PG.
By Baloo. For Moreta. You should be careful whose blood you drink. R.
The Things You Miss
By Rhiannon. For Red. A wedding brings up old memories for Matt... And an unexpected confession. G.
Time Turns Everything to Gray
By Cathyrn. For M'lyn. "The little tombstone sat alone by itself on a lovely stretch of land that was lush with green grass." NC-17.
Two As One
By M'lyn. For Janet. Diana and Faye put aside their differences and work together for a result that will benefit the entire group. PG.
What It's Worth
By LindaMarie. For Vedesca. "Oh, make sense of me, night; I can see so much from this cold height..." PG-13.
White Christmas
By Elwyn Celtic. For Trace T. Christmas morning Hannah has everything she ever wanted, except Thierry. Where is he, and what special present did he have planned for her? PG.
By Jenni. For Nikki. "The dark was too enticing for the day. Two sides of the same coin." Late night encounters. NC-17.
By Heather C. For Christina. Perhaps a dream; perhaps not. Matt and Stefan. R.


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