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Below are the entries for 2006, complete with author information. Please send feedback and thank whomever wrote for you! Cheers!

NOTE: I lost all my author e-mail address information when my laptop died. If you wrote for LJSanta thia year and haven't done so already, please send me an e-mail to damon at panavatar dot net with your contact info. Thank you!

Another Dream
By Gift. For Vedesca. Jenny's last dream. PG.
Beloved of Madness
By idolatrie. For Incanto. And so it came to pass that when a boy child was born on the night of the winter solstice, a great destiny lay in wait for him. PG.
Death by Drowning
By TangledAria. For Seastar. A world in which Damon died and Stefan lived in a world no one wants to live in. PG-13.
By LindaMarie. For Chris. A chance encounter, a lonely road. PG-13.
By Incanto. For Aya. Klaus prowls. R.
Fuel for Fire
By Heather. For Red. All the chanting in the universe wasn't going to get them off this island, and an oath wasn't going to keep him here when the time was right. PG-13.
His Gloriana
By Moreta. For idolatrie. Charles wants to draw Elwyn. PG-13.
By Seastar. For an LJSanta deadbeat. Damon and Bonnie find each other and move towards home. PG-13.
Living at the Edge of the World
By Pith. For Ang Griffen. Deborah and the Henderson twins have gatherings outside the Coven. R.
By Rhiannon.For LindaMarie. Sometimes the cycle of birth and rebirth isn't easy to break; sometimes the memory lingers. PG-13.
Man of My Dreams
By Aya. For TangledAria. Kaitlyn/Gabriel - Alternate Universe, but with the same names. PG-13.
Of Loneliness and Gifts
By Inka. For Lalenna. Kaitlyn has to stay in Ohio for Christmas, and Gabriel decides to shorten their distance. PG.
By Incanto. For Heather. Audrey takes matters into her own hands. PG-13.
By LindaMarie. For Moreta. Cassie, Diana, and Faye confirm their roles. R.
Reading is Fundamental
By Vedesca. For Rhiannon. A bored Morgead bonds with Hugh over books one afternoon while Jez is away. PG-13.
Real Roses Are Not Dead
By Cathyrn. For Gift. "It's not a silver rose or anything as grand as all that." PG.
By Lalenna. For Katharine. There's more than one type of snowman. PG.
Son of Nothing
By Red. For Cathyrn. Thierry wonders where Nilsson came from. PG.
The Summer Queen
By Katharine. For Inka. Hannah's past life as princess-priestess Liadan, promised to King Fionn to seal a marriage treaty. PG-13.
The Visitation
By Chris. For Pith. Elena looks into the mirror. What will she see? PG.

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