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Thank you to everyone for participating. Sorry this was a bit late, but I think it's worth the extra wait. A very special thank you to the backup writers - you guys are amazing. :)

Below are the entries for 2008. Authors are revealed below - be sure to thank them! Enjoy!

A Cloud To Her Sky
By Pith. For Redcandle17. Audrey and Dee reconnect. R.
By Chris. For Idolatrie. It's Christmas in Venice, and Zach Taylor is lonely. PG-13.
By Rhiannon. For deathbecomesher. "But it was good for Zach to notice girls, just the same. To have a human interest, something besides his own imagination and his photographs." - The Kill. R.
dubito, cogito, sum
By Cathyrne. For LindaMarie. When the moon is a full and fat and shiny like a sun which is not really a sun, Chris pretends to be a scientist while Doug plays at being a demolition expert. This leads to them calling upon the Goddess fate and attempting to find Kori somewhere along the way... if the pumpkins growing in their patch don't find them first. Eat or be eaten. PG-13.
Few Recollections
By PlatinumNacht. For Moreta. Because you know there's only one true cliche in this fandom. PG-13.
Great Rite
By Incanto. For H. Before Cassie came into his life, Adam had never consciously considered it cheating. PG-13.
By Aya. For Gift. Iliana has a dirty side. R.
In Vino Veritas
By Pith. For Aife Bisclaveret. Matt, Meredith, and Stefan get snowed in. NC-17.
Just Like The Ones You Used To Know
By Aife Bisclaveret. For Aya. On reflection Maggie had to admit that he kitten had been a bad idea. PG.
Life with the Rasmussens
By M'Lyn. For Cathyrne. There's a lesson Jasper wants to teach young James. PG-13.
Pasts and Futures
By LindaMarie. For Alsace. Matt finds what he's been looking for. PG.
Rabbits, Ice Cream, and Family Ties
By Alsace. For an LJSanta deadbeat. The early taste preferences of Jez Redfern. PG.
Searching for Jez
By Moreta. For Chris. Morgead celebrates Christmas Eve during Jez's pre-"Huntress" absence. R.
Stormy Weather
By Idolatrie. For Incanto. The best con is always the one you're about to pull. PG-13.
The Color Red Explodes Like Heated Blood
By H. For Pith. Some win, others lose. R.
The First Day (Of The Rest Of My Life)
By Redcandle17. For xxx Queen of Slayers xxx. Hannah wakes up the morning of her seventeenth birthday and goes in search of Thierry. PG.
The Nightmare on Christmas
By Incanto. For PlatinumNacht. It was a dark and stormy night... PG.
The Reasons We Choose
By deathbecomesher. For an LJSanta deadbeat. After Elena drowns she experiences 'a moment of eternity' and as time suspends itself she receives a surprising visitor who teaches her about the choices in her life. PG.
The Return
By xxx Queen of Slayers xxx. For Mette. Revenge, power, love... all in the hands of one teenage witch. Welcome back to the Secret Circle. PG-13.
The Tormented
By Kivire. For Rhiannon. He had let her go. He had watched her run. The predator in him had yanked the chain, yearning to be released. PG-13.
Too Late
By Gift. For M'Lyn. Mary-Lynnette's last meeting with her past. PG.
By Pith. For Kivire. Damon, Stefan, and Elena prepare for another Halloween together. NC-17.

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