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Welcome to LJSanta 2009: Project Black Christmas

LJSanta is a Secret Santa fic swap that's been running for a few years now. People write fanfics based on L.J. Smith's books for other people, and recieve one in return. It's a lot of fun.

The Fics are all in for 2009, and authors have been revealed. Thank you for participating (especially my backup writer of awesome!), enjoy the fics, and be sure to thank your Santas!
  • A Deep Delight of the Blood
    By for Marissa. Meredith has an unexpected reunion with Elena and Damon at Christmas. PG-13.
  • A Head Full Of Buzzing Howl
    By for Angela. Diana asks Nick a favour. PG.
  • Against All the Odds
    By for Gift. With The Simpsons, a bad hair day, and a Wild power, Christmas is going to be great, right? Wrong. PG.
  • Becoming Damned Daybreakers
    By for Aine. Quinn and Rashel join Circle Daybreak and meet the last people Quinn expected to meet there. PG.
  • By Chance
    By for Meredith. Adam very badly wanted to be admitted to NYU's veterinary medicine program, but was unsure his undergraduate course work would be enough to get him accepted. PG.
  • Claves Regni Caelorum
    By for Lisa. "What sorcery powers it?" an airy, inquisitive voice asked. PG.
  • Distractions
    By for Christina.Post-Fury, Pre-FG. Trying to lose himself, Damon wanders the streets of Southern California, only to discover someone he had long but forgotten. Slash. NC-17.
  • Fruits of Summer
    By for Kivire Veleur. A nighttime raid on Laurel's "special" crop leads the Henderson twins to some unexpected places. PG
  • Lapsed Catholics
    By for Pith. Elena comes back and it changes everything for Meredith. PG.
  • Norwegian Wood
    By for Aife Bisclaveret. Matt's pissed off and brooding. Meredith deals with it by being Meredith. Also, sometimes friends do stupid things. R.
  • Promises and Possibilities
    By for Rhiannon. Merlin gives Alys presents, one of which she must think very carefully on. PG.
  • Purest Gold
    By for Redcandle17. An interlude between Hunter and Aradia in Black Dawn. R.
  • Reaching for Shadows
    By for Incanto. Meredith confronts her grandfather's attacker, then and now. PG-13.
  • Revival
    By for Nilly. When the good are weak and all hope is lost, that's when miracles tend to happen. Rashel and Ash rediscover their drive. AU. PG-13.
  • silence makes more noise than fire
    By for Clairavance. She's never been alone on Beltane. PG.
  • Some Girls Wander
    By for H. Katherine is hungry for adventure. PG-13.
  • The Mirage in Vegas
    By for Zeil. Jenny and Tom have left behind their terrifying encounter with Julian and the Shadow Men. After discovering each others' hidden depths, and the strength they have within themselves, the two are more in love than ever. No one from their group of friends are very surprised when Tom asks Jenny to be his wife. But, first must come the bachelor party...and the return of the boy who they had hoped never to see again... PG.
  • The Space Between
    By for Moreta. The two men crossed the threshold of the modest suburban home, shaking snow from their boots and icy drops of melted snow from their hair. Slash. PG.
  • We Do What We Want To
    By for Connie. This is not Jenny Thornton. PG.
  • When Plans Go Awry
    By for LindaMarie. Phillip North always knows what to do. PG-13.
  • Yule Rites
    By for Caitlin. At exactly 3 am on December 21st, the veil between the living and the dead is the thinnest, at least according to Faye. PG.

For those who haven't read the series, 'Project Black Christmas' is a play on 'Project Black Lightning' from the Dark Visions trilogy. The lovely Kaitlyn Fairchild, heroine of the story, is posing as a rather fetching Christmas tree to your left. ;)

Many thanks to Incanto for providing the artwork, captions, and conspiring with me to come up with the concept for the layout.

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An lj-smith.com and panavatar.net production. LindaMarie came up with the original concept, Red is the nutter who's now running it. 'Project Black Christmas' artwork by the awesome Incanto - without her, the crazy would not have been born.