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Welcome to LJSanta 2011: Power of Yuletide

LJSanta is a Secret Santa fic swap that's been running for a few years now. People write fanfics based on L.J. Smith's books for other people, and recieve one in return. It's a lot of fun.

The Fics are all in for 2011, a few weeks late due to a disproportionate number of deadbeats and some truly amazing backup writers who needed a few extra weeks. Author names and deadbeats have been revealed! Please take the time to contact the person who wrote your fic and thank them, and try to make the effort to contact anyone whose story you liked and let them know too!

Thank you for participating (especially the backup writers, who really saved the day), enjoy the fics, and thank your Santas!

The below people signed up and then didn't write their assignments. Someone wrote a story for each of them, and they gave nothing back. As a result, they will not be allowed to participate in future years of LJSanta.
Kivire V

Two additional deadbeats will be allowed to participate again in the future if they so choose, due to extenuating circumstances and past performance history, even though they have failed their giftees this year.
Deidre A. H.

  • Cracks in Your Wall
    By for Krystalreid. Destroying the crystal doesn’t cure Gabriel but Kaitlyn’s going to find something that will. R.
  • Fever Dreams
    By for an LJSanta deadbeat. Blaise has an unexpected visitor at the Convent. PG
  • Fixing a Hole
    By for an LJSanta deadbeat. Elena Gilbert knew something was missing. PG.
  • From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
    By for an LJSanta deadbeat. Adam runs damage control on several fronts, fighting fires both real and emotional. R
  • Hide and Seek
    By for Elisabeth. When a game of psychic hide and seek turns complicated, Diana finds solace in an unexpected ally. PG.
  • Oh Well, the Devil Makes us Sin
    By for Incanto. On New Year’s Eve, a grown up Maggie Gilbert meets a stranger with familiar eyes. R.
  • The Kiss is Thirst
    By for Christina. Stefan decides to scatter Katherine's ashes in Germany. PG-13
  • The Setting Sun Brings Long Shadows
    By for Panavatar. Janie gets a rare trip to study at the library of the Weerul Council. PG
  • Today the Sun's On Us
    By for Connie. Diana adjusts to her new roles. PG-13.
  • Well Played Indeed
    By for Pith. A year after a snowbound game of truth or dare, an infamous gift reappears. A sequel to ‘In Vino Veritas,’ one of Pith’s 2008 LJ Santa Stories. PG-13.

  • For those who haven't read the series, 'Power of Yuletide' is a play on the 'Power of [element] have I over thee' lines from the Secret Circle trilogy. There is no clever original artwork this year due to Incanto and LM's busy schedules, but it will be back next year.

    This year's LJSanta is run by Incanto, with backup and/or moral support provided by Lindamarie and Poppy.

    Disclaimer: the characters, fictional settings, and universes created by L. J. Smith are copyright © Lisa J. Smith, Daniel Weiss Associates, Inc. and their affiliates. This fan-created site, along with the stories it houses, means no infringement upon any trademark, copyright, or other legal binding. This archive claims no rights to any of the stories collected here.
    An lj-smith.com and panavatar.net production. LindaMarie came up with the original concept, Red took over for subsequent years, and the torch has now passed to Incanto.