Yggdrasil was opened in October 2003 as part of the launch of Project Kenaz, it is a simple project - to act as a portal to all of the LJ Smith, or LJS related fanlistings on the web. It has since been expanded to include hatelistings and cliques. There are a growing number, and instead of trolling through TheFanlistings, TheHatelistings, TabooListings and other listings networks we thought it would be easier to have them collected in one place.

The current layout was designed by staffer , and features the North American and German covers of The Fury, as well as an image of a crow and another of a falcon. The fonts used are Beckett, Georgia and Tahoma. The layout was created using Photoshop and Editpad Lite.

The previous layout was designed by staffer , and featured some of the lead characters from various LJS books, from left to right: Delos from Black Dawn, Julian from the Forbidden Game series, Rob from the Dark Visions series and Stefan from the Vampire Diaries series. The layout was created in Photoshop.

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